The Keyes Company

  • Client: The Keyes Company
  • Tasks: Communications Training
  • Website: The Keyes Company
  • Provided individual strategy sessions to help the client improve her speaking skills, prepare a concise and clear speech, and boost her presence to captivate her audience’s attention.
  • Helped her prepare her presentation to highlight the most relevant information that would interest her audience and create better engagement techniques to interact with the attendees. 
  • Results: The client did an exceptional job presenting her speech at her inaugural reception. The speech generated a high level of member engagement and increased interaction to build a stronger club community.
"Take a one-on-one strategy session with Minerva; she has a contagious and dynamic personality. She helped to organize my thoughts and provided constructive criticism on how to improve my projection and speaking skills. I can't wait for our next session. I highly recommend booking with her; she will help you rise to another level."
A. Fournaris
Realtor Associate