🔹 We are a successful digital media company that has worked with corporate clients to deliver their brand message: Medellin Tourism Bureau, Sbarro, AMResorts, and Sheraton.

🔹 We also worked with Technisys, Positive Knowledge, and Luminous Health & Wellness to help the company executives enhance their communication skills.

🔹 Our core strength lies in the power of the management team with extensive experience and expertise in multimedia and digital media.

🔹 Our communications strategy team has vast experience in the multimedia industry, and they are well equipped to meet the company´s goals.

🔹 We have a strong organization and a creative team that produces quality digital products that can favorably compete in the industry.

🔹 We have well-established relationships in business, technology, tourism, banking, finance, academia, entertainment, and the U.S. media.

🔹 We provide invaluable information and communication techniques that keep our corporate clients from making costly mistakes while speaking in public.

🔹 Our talented multilingual team members are fluent in five languages and know different cultures to help foreign clients speak with proper diction and excellent delivery. 

We Enjoy Working

What People Say

“Minerva did a great job helping Borja Consulting Group, LLC understand what goes into detail with a marketing campaign. Also, we were fortunate to be a guest on her podcast and was able to see some success as a result. I would definitely recommend Minerva and OMG Creative Solutions LLC to any organization.”

“I took Minerva’s advice and adjusted my website; the shift in my focus has really worked for me. My audiobook is in the final phase to launch within 30 days on Audible! AND I was interviewed by Ora Nadrich. I have gained two new one-on-one clients, spoke at Morgan State University, AND have three corporate…

“I did a one-on-one strategy session with Minerva and the meeting was extremely insightful. She was able to provide constructive criticism and pointers on how to improve my interviewing skills. I plan to practice on what she recommends before booking another session to make the most of both of our times. I highly recommend booking…