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Welcome to Minerva’s Creative Conversations™, a vodcast that informs and engages our audience to learn about the relevant news and developments of social issues that matter to them.

This vodcast will address relevant news and developments about social issues such as women’s empowerment, diversity and inclusion, mental health, the environment, and climate change.

The focus of the program is to talk about what is happening concerning these social themes while seamlessly integrating your company’s brand, products, or services into the vodcast for a natural method of promoting your brand and image.

Our vodcast will be an informative and engaging conversation with experts in those fields. Our vodcast will provide conversations with influential leaders, industry experts, and celebrities.

The vodcast will be published on Apple, Amazon, Audible, Spotify, and YouTube, with links to the program on Instagram and LinkedIn.,

Social Issues

🔹 women’s empowerment
🔹 diversity and Inclusion
🔹 Mental Health
🔹 Environment
🔹 Climate Change

Podcast Reviews from Viewers and Guests

"An Original Podcast! Minerva Salles breaks down salient issues of the day informed by her personal life and professional career. From a creative and creators point of view, Minerva creates engaging content to allow the listener to help form their own judgments and opinions on the topics. I highly recommend Minerva’s Creative Conversations Podcast. She will be one to watch over the coming weeks and years."
U.S. Department of Defense
Ray Herras, Computer Scientist
"Profound and real: Minerva’s podcast brings much needed awareness to relevant topics, with authenticity and courage. As you listen to Minerva’s interactions with her guests, her extensive media work transpires in the quality of the questions she formulates and in the depth of her insights. These conversations are profound, relevant and actionable.“
Conscious Abundance
Valeria Aloe, Founder and Author
“What a fabulous podcast! Everything about it was so professional and the story and content was spot on and the editing was really good. I am excited to share this with the Chapter members and maybe get some traction from our National Office.”
Sparta UNICO
Ray Shupak, President
"More than just a podcast: The conversations keep listeners engaged not just listening but internalizing the content as applicable to each listener. I look forward to hearing more podcasts."
T & A, Ltd.
Joe T., CFO and CPA

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