Founder's Journey

Founder's Journey

The Founder’s Journey of Minerva Salles began by from Fort Davis in Panama to the northeast United States at a young age. She grew up in Monmouth County, New Jersey. During her upbringing, she lived in eight states and four countries, which enabled her to embrace different cultures and backgrounds of people from all walks of life. 


Her early formation consisted of private schools that taught her the importance of education, discipline, and responsibility. After high school, she enrolled at Seton Hall University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications. She self-supported her college education by working early mornings and studying through many late nights to finish her degree.


Before Minerva graduated from college, she worked as a Multimedia Specialist for the award-winning website. She worked closely with the technology and engineering team at the new online media division to develop technical solutions for the editorial department.


While at ABC News, she worked as an independent producer and on-air contributor for ABC’s digital cable channel, ABC News Now. Her ability to multi-task and communicate effectively earned her a coveted position within the ABC News Division, where she developed audiovisual packages for distinguished ABC News and ABC Entertainment programs.


Through many years of being in the news industry, she often saw and heard negative news, from crimes, illness, natural disasters, and wars. Thus, she embarked on a new endeavor to produce and present television programs highlighting the positives of a culture. She wrote, produced, directed, and presented original programs on Amazon Prime Video for the US and UK markets about business innovation, cultural awareness, and social impact.


After working in the media industry, she decided to try entrepreneurship. Minerva launched OMG Creative Solutions™, a digital media company that helps, guides, and supports the delivery of corporate messages by helping senior managers become more confident speakers and guiding companies to deliver their brand message through digital media.


After conducting many media interviews, Minerva started her digital media company and realized that many of her guests could use assistance to improve their communication skills. She knew a professional could highly benefit from improved communication by    reducing misunderstandings in the workplace and attaining better clarity on goals, objectives, expectations, and increasing productivity and company revenue.


The good news is that communication skills can be taught and learned.  Thus, Be a More Confident Speaker was born! 

OMG digital products create value for our corporate clients. An interactive in-person or online training course to help senior managers improve their communication skills. Companies can also build brand awareness with our vodcast, an audiovisual program that talks about what is happening concerning social impact themes while seamlessly integrating the company’s brand, products, or services into the podcast for a natural method of promoting the company’s brand and image.

Minerva is pursuing an MPA in Management and Innovation at Columbia University, where she can apply what she is learning in class to practical methods to help elevate her clients. Moreover, she is proficient in Latin languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

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