Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Podcast Interview

Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Podcast Interview

podcast guest appearance is an important way to communicate to the audience by using another individual’s perspective, experiences, and opinions to build upon the podcast’s message and ideas. As you build upon these concepts, it will help guide you towards more recognition of the main initiative goals of the podcast in general and help deliver your message.

These are our Top 5 tips that will make you ace your podcast interview:

1. Do your research. When speaking on a podcast, you should know background information as to what the audience looks for when listening to it. This information is essential to decide what you bring to the table as a guest and how you can help implement your knowledge into assisting the podcast and supporting it.

2. Preparation is critical. Ensure you know the main ideas you want to express to viewers. You can do this by making a short list of the topics that you will cover. This way, you will have a reference when deciding what to focus on while speaking.

3. Speak professionally. Use adequate vocabulary. Keep in mind to not use filler words; instead, use pauses when needed. Using pauses with intent helps viewers be able to think for a moment about the ideas you expressed more deeply.

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4. Be in the right setting. You need to make sure that the viewers can hear you clearly, ensuring a good WI-FI connection and a high-quality microphone as your gear. Always remember to be in a quiet setting and dress appropriately for the interview.

5. Just Relax. Be calm when developing your talking points; this will help your thoughts flow gracefully to the viewers.

Being a guest speaker is a great way to contribute your persona to our podcast that can help you get set on the right track to bringing your message to a large audience.

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