Be a More Confident Speaker

Be a More Confident Speaker

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The course content will be available starting September 9, 2024, but do not miss out on this special offer to access actionable insights and practical methods to improve your communication skills. 

Welcome to the Be a More Confident Speaker communications course, an interactive in-person or online training to help senior managers improve their communication skills. This course can teach you how to effectively speak with confidence and engage your target audience.

The communications course will cover the essential presentation skills to help you create an impact by boosting your speaking presence and presenting a powerful delivery to captivate your audience’s attention.

Slide presentations are an excellent medium for delivering your message; however, you must be prepared to avoid distractions that can misinterpret your intended message. You also have to shift your focus away from yourself to conquer your fear of speaking and break down the barriers and fears that prevent you from being heard and seen.

You will receive invaluable advice for improving your presentations. Moreover, you will learn how to tailor your presentations to your audience to ensure you present impactful information they will appreciate and value.

You will also receive communication strategies to ensure that your body language, vocal tone, and tailored words align with your presentation.

Presenting yourself and communicating effectively is imperative in any professional environment!


“Take a one-on-one strategy session with Minerva; she has a contagious and dynamic personality. She helped to organize my thoughts and provided constructive criticism on how to improve my projection and speaking skills. I can’t wait for our next session. I highly recommend booking with her; she will help you rise to another level.”

“Minerva did a great job helping Borja Consulting Group, LLC understand what goes into detail with a marketing campaign. Also, we were fortunate to be a guest on her podcast and was able to see some success as a result. I would definitely recommend Minerva and OMG Creative Solutions LLC to any organization.”

“I took Minerva’s advice and adjusted my website; the shift in my focus has really worked for me. My audiobook is in the final phase to launch within 30 days on Audible! AND I was interviewed by Ora Nadrich. I have gained two new one-on-one clients, spoke at Morgan State University, AND have three corporate proposals in the works for 2021!”

“I did a one-on-one strategy session with Minerva and the meeting was extremely insightful. She was able to provide constructive criticism and pointers on how to improve my interviewing skills. I plan to practice on what she recommends before booking another session to make the most of both of our times. I highly recommend booking with her, it will benefit you!”

“Minerva has excellent communication skills in different languages. She demonstrated her oral articulateness during our project on how banks can have significant cost benefits from moving customers to digital. She was highly proficient in researching the material and analyzing the problem situations. She always explained her views very concisely and provided supporting comments that were invaluable.”