Our Logo's Story

Our Logo's Story

OMG Creative Solutions™ was founded on the principles of a passionate drive, entrepreneurial spirit, cultural mindset, and high standards of excellence to help businesses thrive.

We support companies to be more effective by helping individuals become more confident speakers and guiding companies to deliver their brand message through digital media.

OMG is the founder’s name (initials) backward, Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom, and Osiris, its Latin meaning is the Powerful Goddess. It is not OMG!

The red in the logo represents the passionate drive behind everything we do to help our clients succeed in being a scalable business.

The blue in the logo represents the entrepreneurial spirit of thinking “outside the box” with intrinsic originality and bountiful creativity.

The logo’s bridge represents the company as a bridge to help our clients to reach their business goals through better communications.