Strategic Alliances

Minnie With Love

New York, Miami, and Los Angeles

Minnie With Love’s executive pens are handmade with different exotic wood types combined with the tagua (vegetable ivory) to produce a contrasting style. The executive pens are composed of two (2) tagua rings that blend their creamy white color into the exotic wood, making them very appealing. The executive pens use a Parker refill, and each pen comes with a choice of a velvet cloth or a hardcover pen case.

Pierre Lenis Styles

New York and Miami

Pierre Lenis Styles is a Men’s Fashion and Image Consultant with 30+ Years of Experience in Men’s Luxury Fashion. 


Toronto and Bermuda

Muuvment is a social impact streaming media platform that helps companies with their social impact challenges. They are instrumental in co-creating social impact videos that provide viewers with interactive experiences to inform and inspire them to take action on important causes.