Endorsing Your Company Brand

Endorsing Your Company Brand

OMG Creative Solutions™ specializes in audience growth through creative promos by endorsing your company brand to reach and grow your customer base in a meaningful way. Our host-read creative promos create a heightened sense of intimacy between our host and listeners, an intimacy that generates trust. 

Podcast Stats: Did you know that 80 million Americans are weekly podcast listeners?

Data shows that podcasts have exploded in popularity over the past decade, with recent statistics from March 2021 indicating that approximately 80 million Americans—equivalent to 28% of the adult U.S. population—are weekly podcast listeners, up from a mere 19 million in 2013.

  • 78% of podcast listeners approve of sponsorships on podcasts.
  • 56% of their listeners prefer to buy products or services from podcast sponsors.
  • 67% can accurately recall products and brands mentioned in podcast advertisements.

And many podcast listeners remain tuned in to a podcast because of their steady emotional or intellectual investment in the show and our unique podcast host.

Because our host delivers the promos, they present a heightened sense of trust and credibility. Our host believes in the product; it can be presented in her own words based on her own experience with the product

  • 80% of listeners have acted on host-read promos they heard in a podcast.
  • 52% of podcast listeners trust advertising more if the podcast host endorses the brand.

Listeners are also more receptive when listening to podcasts because the shows attract genuine attention, and they can play podcasts in the background while they multitask.

Creative Promos

Creative promos are inserted as a pre-roll or mid-roll within a show. The two most common podcast promo placements are: 

30-second Pre-Roll (incl. production and editing)*

60-second Mid-Roll (incl. production and editing)**

*A pre-roll is when the host talks about the sponsor’s product or service for about 30 seconds before the show.

Here’s an example: “This show is brought to you by our sponsor, [Sponsor Name + short pitch].”

**A mid-roll is about 60 seconds when the host talks about the product or service in the middle of the podcast.

At the show’s midpoint, the host introduces the creative promo. Here’s an example:

Hey everyone, we’re glad your here. We want to take a moment to thank our sponsors for making this episode possible. [Sponsor Name + short pitch].”

Podcasts are an excellent method of consuming content for listeners due to their easy accessibility and multitasking flexibility. This mobile-friendly form of media can be enjoyed wherever and whenever desired, whether on a morning commute, while doing errands or household chores, or just before sleeping.

We can create a podcast promo to inform and engage an influential audience to learn more about your products.

CLICK HERE to inquire about our creative promo packages. We will be delighted to help your business build brand awareness and gain potential customers.