S3, EP17: Network Like a Pro!

S3, EP17: Network Like a Pro!

Welcome to Minerva’s Creative Conversations™, I am your host, Minerva Salles, and I wanted to personally welcome and thank you for joining us today. We’re glad you’re here because this podcast is created for you!

It is a podcast where I dig deeper into the personal journeys and professional careers of influential and successful women and men and how their stories can inspire others to succeed.

My special guest is Dr. Jairo Borja, President of Borja Consulting Group, which provides services that can help transform your business and help you network like a pro!

Dr. Borja talks about an 8-week transformation course to help you hone an elevator pitch, provide tips when attending networking events, and valuable tactics to leverage your existing relationships using LinkedIn.

To learn more about Dr. Jairo Borja’s online courses, visit his website at: BorjaConsultingGroup.com.

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Produced by Minerva Salles

Music by John Bartmann

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