• Client: Technisys
  • Tasks: Communications Training and Introduced Digital Banking Services
  • Website: Technisys
  • Communications training for the tech founder to become a more confident speaker at conferences and in the media.
  • Engaging videos covering areas of the training program to help improve communication skills.
  • Role-playing videos recorded by the participant to receive feedback as comments and suggestions.
  • Individual strategy sessions addressing the course content, specific presentations, or media activity.
  • Introduced Technisys digital banking services, Cyberbank Omnichannel, to an international audience and secured connections with prominent banking clients.
  • Television media exposure of the company’s digital banking services to an international audience.
"Minerva has excellent communication skills in different languages. She demonstrated her oral articulateness during our project on how banks can have significant cost benefits from moving customers to digital. She was highly proficient in researching the material and analyzing the problem situations. She always explained her views very concisely and provided supporting comments that were invaluable."
G. Bassi
Co-Founder and CMO