S2, EP10: Show Me The Love!

S2, EP10: Show Me The Love!

Welcome to Minerva’s Creative Conversations™, I am your host, Minerva Salles, and today my special guest is Dr. Jackie Black, a Marriage Educator and Board-Certified Coach.

Dr. Jackie helps rekindle relationships with loving, amazing entrepreneurs and professionals, so they feel close again.

“One way to connect every day that you are going out of your way deliberately, intentionally sending the message verbally or with your behavior that I am thinking about you, you matter to me; I appreciate you, I love you.” – Dr. Jackie Black

For the last 30 years, Dr. Jackie has helped her clients to learn, grow, thrive, and have FUN together. Through her guidance, once distant couples now experience deeper, more meaningful connections and intimacy. 

To learn more about Dr. Jackie’s relationship advice, visit her website at drjackieblack.com.

Produced by Minerva Salles

Music by John Bartmann