Be Inspired and Empowered

Be Inspired and Empowered

Welcome to Minerva’s Creative Conversations™, a podcast where my inspiration for the shows is to dig deeper into the personal journeys and professional careers of influential and successful women and how their stories can inspire others to achieve success.

Season 2

Our upcoming podcast features Dr. Jackie Black, a Marriage Educator and Board-Certified Coach. Dr. Jackie helps rekindle relationships with loving, amazing entrepreneurs and professionals, so they feel close again. Through her guidance, once distant couples now experience deeper, more meaningful connections and intimacy. You can learn more about Dr. Jackie’s relationship advice by listening to my interview with her this week.

Our next podcast is with Dr. Diana Medina-Galvan, a Board-Certified Family Physician. Dr. Medina will talk about bio-identical hormones used in hormone therapy as a method for restoring and maintaining balance to hormone levels. Research studies have demonstrated that optimized hormones are necessary for good health. This podcast will be published next month… stay tuned!

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