S2, EP9: Direct Primary Care

S2, EP9: Direct Primary Care

Welcome to Minerva’s Creative Conversations™, I am your host, Minerva Salles, and today my special guest is Dr. Diana Medina-Galvan, a board-certified Family Physician.

“You make things happen. The path to get here it’s not easy by any means. Most importantly is slow and steady; you win the race.” – Dr. Diana Medina-Galvan

Dr. Diana Medina-Galvan talks about the importance of preventive medicine and passionately explains direct primary care and its extensive benefits.

To learn more about Dr. Medina’s medical and health and wellness services, please visit her website at www.LuminousHealthandWellness.com.

To find a direct primary care doctor near you, visit www.DPCFrontier.com.

Produced by Minerva Salles

Music by John Bartmann