Effective Communication to Make Technology Work

Effective Communication to Make Technology Work

OMG Creative Solutions™ offers a unique training program to help Technology Innovators to improve their communication skills and teach practical methods to captivate their target audience at tech conferences/live events and in the media. This unique training can help you transition into a recognized technology leader.

The Be a More Confident Speaker training will teach you how to effectively speak with confidence and learn how to engage your target audience.

Technical skills can indeed get a person through the door and into the office, but it will be effective communication skills, openness to learning, and ability to embrace change, connect and interact well with others that will determine whether or not a team member gets to stay.

We get wrapped up in glitzy gadgets that promise faster and easier unlimited possibilities. However, it is not worth much if you are left out of the equation because you have to communicate those possibilities with team members that make technology work.

Many tech workers fall into the trap of using technical jargon that many non-tech people do not understand. The complex tech language will make it challenging to tell your non-tech people about the challenges in completing a task. Therefore, you need to be able to communicate with the non-IT people around you to help grab their attention and sustain it to achieve a positive outcome. 

And it is imperative to maintain positive body language, such as keeping your shoulders relaxed and your back straight, which will help you come off as more authoritative, giving more perceived value to what you are speaking on.

Proper poise, good facial expressions, and excellent body language will help establish you as a tech leader in the eyes of your peers and a non-technical audience. Your facial expressions and body language must match what you are talking about to make it authentic and believable.

Technology innovators need to learn how to improve their communications skills with client prospects, investors, stakeholders, and team members and how to captivate an audience at tech conferences and in the media to maximize leadership impact.

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