Expressing Yourself Confidently

Expressing Yourself Confidently


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Be a More Confident Speaker

Miami, FL OMG Creative Solutions LLC offers a communications course to help senior managers become more confident speakers to improve their public speaking skills. The valuable skill of expressing yourself confidently and eloquently can help increase your revenue by fifty percent!

In this course, we will focus on making you feel comfortable when the time comes to demonstrate your public speaking skills to an audience. We will provide techniques to help you deliver your message in an intriguing, compelling manner that will engage your target audience.

This course will help improve your communication skills to express your ideas and topics to your target audience effectively. With the evolving digital media channels, it is imperative to know how to communicate on different media platforms. The interactive in-person or online training will teach you how to develop and deliver presentation content that engages your clients and builds their trust to do business with you.

Key points that you will learn from this course:

🔹Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking.

🔹Properly use body language throughout your speech.

🔹Techniques to differently express your message to engage your audience.

🔹Learn to guide your message by paraphrasing, pausing, and complete silence, and more!

Minerva Salles, CEO of OMG Creative Solutions, wants to help senior managers become more confident speakers and help you, too!

I am excited to create a Be a More Confident Speaker communications course for senior managers to help them improve their communication skills, says Minerva Salles, OMG Creative Solutions Founder and CEO. This communications course can greatly help C-suite executives who have to speak on behalf of their company at conferences, business events, or on the media.

Minerva continues, I felt inspired to create this course by sharing my experience and expertise to help senior managers take their communication skills to the next level, as you will be doing by taking this course yourself.

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About OMG: We are a digital media company specializing in multi-platform digital content. We support companies to be more effective by helping individuals become more confident speakers and guiding companies to deliver their brand message through digital media. Our digital products create value for our corporate clients. An interactive in-person or online training course to help senior managers improve their communication skills. Podcasts to highlight the sponsor’s brand, products, or services through social impact videos that inform and inspire engaged viewers.

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