Inspirational Stories On How To Succeed

Inspirational Stories On How To Succeed

Welcome to Minerva’s Creative Conversations™, a podcast where my inspiration for the shows is to dig deeper into the personal journeys and professional careers of influential and successful women and how their stories can inspire others to achieve success.

Our featured podcast show is with Pawel Ignatowicz, a guitarist, composer, and music producer hailing from Zywiec, Poland and now living in Brooklyn, New York. You can find Pawel’s music on iTunes Here and Now by Pawel Ignatowicz or on Spotify Here and Now.

Our recently published podcast show is with Chef Sasha Raj, proprietor of 24 Carrots, a vegan restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, and she is a hands-on community leader. You can check out Sasha’s vegan restaurant 24 Carrots at

Our upcoming podcast show is with Lia Denner, an Italian-American who dedicates much of her time and efforts to helping the elderly through a U.S. national service organization. This podcast show will be published this week… stay tuned!

Minerva’s Creative Conversations™ podcasts will be published bi-weekly on the Creative Conversations webpage, and on Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts. Click on the link to Subscribe to Podcast.

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